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Making noise since 1987

Sound Design

Whether it be a synthesised futuristic laser beam or the sound of bare feet walking through a forest… I can create just the right sound to suit the visuals and emotion.

Musical Score & Composition

Need some original music for your game, video, production or something else? I’m your man! With years of experience composing different styles we’ll be able to make something fit perfectly.

Mixing, Mastering and Editing

If you need editing, mixing, mastering or some other audio cuts I can do that too. I’ve got years of experience mixing large ensembles or simple splitting/conversion of audio files.

Video & Image

I can also work with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere pro to a professional standard. Sound isn’t the only thing I do! If you need a multimedia solution of any kind then let me know and let’s work out what’s needed.

Hi! I'm Christov

...and I'm a freelance sound designer, musician and composer. I've been making noise since 1987 and real music since 2001 when I got my first guitar. Starting with that fateful Christmas morning, I quickly fell in love with making more organised noise and making weird and wonderful sounds. Today, I work on a variety projects ranging from game audio, video soundtracks and even live performances. I work with electronic music and end up spending time in synthesisers crafting and sculpting the perfect sound, but also work with physical instruments on physical composition projects. In my sound design work I also work a lot with foley techniques and over time have created some really interesting stuff. If you've got a need for some sounds or tunes then I'm your guy! Get in touch here or take a look at some of my previous work here.

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